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Meditation Medication Yoga (MMY)
10 days basic course (Integrated Personality Development) is conducted by Dhyanamandali Gurujis at towns and cities in morning and evening batches. One needs to spend about 2 hours daily in any batch.

Today good health is most important. Ill health is become a continuous obstruction to most of all. This needs to be alleviated through spiritual way by spreading ways for controlled mental state through broad vision, is more essential. Real bliss cannot be achieved through men and material, no use even one struggled for a lifetime also. Every one knows this truth; still they get agitated to enter into spirituality by relinquishing materialist attachments. Hence, this entry course is designed to provide mental peace. This course would be the foundation to all remaining courses in understanding about acquiring good health and be responsible towards family and society.

MMY starts with introduction followed by all resources to acquire good health would be made available. All body sheathes would be cleansed. More of subject knowledge and less practice would be there. 'Samadhi' would be taught on Brahmopadesam day. By doing Samadhi and practicing simple exercises and pranayama, revolutionary changes takes place in physical and mental levels within a short time .

Most of the participants in this course attend on health basis. Hence, they would be provided with medicines prepared through 'Cosmic Ray Radiation Technology' exclusive to Dhyanamandali. Meditation is medication and Medication is Meditation, both are required for today's man. 'Results' are assured to every one to whom where Meditation does not work, Medication works and vice versa...